Useful stationery for the start of term

useful-stationery-fGoing stationery shopping at the start of term is always very exciting, but sometimes it can be hard to know what you actually need. Sometimes you will be provided with a list but if not I will share with you the ten things that I think are the most important to make sure you have.

Basic pencil case things

Along with having a good pencil case, make sure it is full of all the basic things you might need. For example, make sure you have enough pens, pencils, felt tips and whatever else you might need. Also, make sure you have a good rubber and a ruler.


There is a wide choice of paper available but think about what you actually need. In general lined paper is always useful, but think about how wide you want the lines to be as there is quite a lot of choice. If you do a subject like maths then you will probably also wanted squared paper and/ or graph paper. If you do music you may also want to get some manuscript paper. I also like to have plain A4 and A3 paper for making mindmaps etc.


Post-its are possibly my favourite type of stationery although some people seem to manage quite well without them. I use them as ‘sub-dividers’ in my notes, for adding extra bits into my notes neatly, and writing quick lists on. In addition to basic post-its, page markers are also useful. These are basically little thin post-its that can be used as bookmarks to keep track of where important information is.


If you are doing maths or science you will obviously need a calculator but they can be useful for any subject. If you are doing maths or science or anything involving statistics then you will need a scientific calculator. However, if you aren’t doing any subjects like this, then a basic calculator should be fine. Alternatively, your computer or phone probably has one on it if you want, and are allowed to use that instead.

Subject specific things

Like a calculator, there are some items of stationery which are more relevant to some subjects. For example, if you are doing maths you will probably need a geometry set, and if you are doing art then you will need more art materials.

Ring-binders or arch-lever folders

I prefer using ring-binders and arch-lever folders over notebooks as it is easier to add things like revision materials into your notes later on. You may want one for each subject to keep everything organised. The system I used during my A Levels was to have an arch-lever folder at home for each subject and then have a ring-binder to take to school each day with just the notes etc. I needed for each day.


Dividers are really useful for keeping your notes organised and enabling you to find what you want quickly and easily. During A Levels I liked to use dividers to separate each module up and then used little post-its as ‘sub-dividers’ to break each module down into smaller topics or chapters.

Revision cards

Unless all your subjects are coursework based and you have no exams then you will probably want to buy some revision cards. These are also called index cards and are basically little pieces of lined card which you can write notes on and use for revision. They come in different sizes and colours so you will need to decide what you want. Some people like to have a different colour for each subject or topic but personally I just use white ones so any coloured pens I use don’t end up looking a weird colour.


You may be provided with a diary but if not then you will need to get one. Have a think about how big you want it to be and what other features you want it to have before you get one. Having a diary will enable you to keep track of homework and assignments and generally stay organised and on-top of everything.

Weekly planner

Like a diary, a weekly planner will help you to stay organised. Using a weekly planner will enable you to plan your week in advance so you know what you should be doing when and don’t get behind.


Leave a comment to let me know what stationery items you consider to be essential đŸ™‚


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