Three things to do today to get better grades

With exams coming up soon you might be starting to feel worried about all the revision you need to do. Although these things aren’t actually revision (although that is clearly very important) they should help to make your revision less stressful so you can focus better on what you need to learn.

Make a revision timetable

If you haven’t already made one, now is the time to make a revision timetable to see you through the next few weeks. This should (hopefully) make you feel more in control of everything that needs to be done and will also make your revision time more structured. This is important because it can be easy when you have loads to revise spend ages deciding what to do first or to keep on switching between tasks which isn’t very productive. With a revision timetable you will know what you need to revise each day which should stop any procrastinating 🙂

To find out how to make a revision timetable, click here.

Organise your notes

This won’t actually make you magically learn information but by making sure your notes are tidy you will be able to revise more efficiently. You won’t have to waste any more time looking through piles of disorganised notes and revision cards trying to find the one piece of information you need so you will be able to spend more time doing actual productive revision.

For information on how to organise your notes, click here.

Tidy your work space

Like with organising your notes, tidying your desk (or wherever you generally study) isn’t going to mean you automatically learn everything you need to know but it will mean that when you sit down to revise you are less likely to get distracted and start procrastinating which will waste valuable revision time. Try to make your work space somewhere where everything you need is on hand and easy to access but still with enough space to spread out notes and books etc.. Also, I know it can be tempting to leave revision notes out when you are finished with them so you can come back to them another time but try to get into the habit of tidying your work space up at the end of each revision session. You will thank yourself for this when you come back to study and have a clear desk to sit down to without having to move piles of paper and pens out of the way first.
For information on actually revising, check out my EAsy Revision series where there is lots of information on different revision techniques and other revision related things 🙂
Good luck with all your exams – leave a comment to let me know what you like to do to prepare for your exams 🙂

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