Ten pencil case essentials

ten-pencil-case-essentialsHaving a well stocked pencil case is very useful as it means that you will always have what you need. I have written an article about general useful stationery but this article will focus specifically on things you should have in your pencil case. I will just cover basic things, and depending on what subjects you take you might need other things, such as a geometry set.


Whatever subject you are doing, you will need some pens. I like to have a few black biros in my pencil case, as they smudge less that ink pens although some people prefer ink pens.

Coloured pens

In addition to basic black biros, I like to have a selection of different coloured pens in my pencil case. These can be useful for writing key words/ studies etc. so that they stand out. To take up less room I have the type that is one big pen with lots of different colours inside it.


Highlighters are useful for making important pieces of information or key words stand out in your notes. I generally have a choice of four colours in my pencil case.

Felt tip pens

Like highlighters, felt tip pens are also useful for making particular parts of your notes stand out. You don’t really need one of each colour if you don’t want, just a few contrasting colours will do.

Coloured pencils

As with felt tips, some people might like to have a full set of coloured pencils in their pencil case but I prefer just to have a few select colours and then have a complete yet elsewhere. They can be useful for colouring in diagrams etc..


Having a few basic pencils is useful. In particular I like to use them for adding bits into my notes that I need to go back and write up more neatly, or for writing things that aren’t yet 100% confirmed in my diary.


If you have pencils then you will also need to have a rubber. Some rubbers aren’t very good and instead smudge everything and make more of a mess. Because of this it can be worth getting a good quality one, rather than the cheapest one you can find.

 Pencil sharpener

If you use your pencils then you will inevitably need a pencil sharpener at some point. I like to have one of the ones that has a little bit to catch the sharpenings in so you can empty them all into the bin at once.


I like to keep a 15cm ruler in my pencil case (which also has inches on it which is surprisingly useful) and I then have a 30cm ruler which lives on my desk. There are lots of rulers which fold up into little cubes etc. but I’m not a big fan of these because it can be quite hard to draw a straight line with them as they are made of lots of little pieces.

Memory stick

This might seem like a strange thing to keep in your pencil case, but I have found that keeping a USB memory stick in my pencil case is very useful. This is because, when I was at school there was no risk I would forget it and I would also always know where it was if I ever needed it.

I hope you have found this list useful – leave a comment to let me know what is the most used item in your pencil case 🙂

Ellen Allsop

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