What is a good study environment?

what-is-a-good-study-environment-fAre you one of those people who tries to study anywhere, in a cluttered environment, surrounded by loads of distractions? If so, you might find that this article helps you to find a more suitable environment to study in where you can concentrate better and be more productive.

Make sure your study environment is quiet

Rather than trying to study somewhere that is really noisy, with the TV on in the background and people talking next to you, try and find somewhere quiet to study. This will help you to focus on your work better. An example of a suitable environment could be a library or a quiet room in your house.

Eliminate distractions 

There are lots things that can distract us when we study – people talking to us, social media, remembering other unrelated things that need to be done, and many more. The more of these distractions you can eliminate the easier it will be to concentrate on your work. For example, tell those around you that you are going to be studying for a certain length of time and don’t want to be interrupted. In addition, make a rule that you won’t check your phone or social media while you are studying and stick to it. Make a list of what you want to achieve and plan to get it all done before you allow yourself to get distracted, taking short breaks if needed.

Have everything you need

If you are constantly getting up to find all the materials you need while studying, this will not only stop you concentrating on what you are doing but will also increase the chance that you will become distracted. Before you sit down to study, spend a minute thinking about what you will need. Do you need a textbook, coloured pencils and pens, a calculator, or a large piece of paper, for example? Try to gather all of these up before you start studying so that you don’t need to be constantly getting up to find them.

If you often study in the same place it might be a good idea to store all these materials there, so you know where to find them. However, if you normally go to a library to study this wouldn’t work but you could instead have a bag where you keep all of your study materials.

Tidy up

Making sure your study environment is kept tidy is really important. By doing this you will be able to find everything you need more quickly and won’t have the excuse of needing to tidy up as a distraction. Personally I like to tidy up at the end of each study session by putting all the resources that I have been using away before I start on my next task. I then like to have a more general tidy up at the end of each day.

Leave a comment to let me know what your study environment is normally like and if you will be changing anything now 🙂


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