How to have a sort out

how-to-have-a-sort-out-fDo you ever feel like you have too much stuff, or everything you own is really messy and disorganised? If this is the case then you might need to have a good sort out. This should make your space feel less cluttered and make it easier to find things quickly and easily. In this blog post I will walk you through the steps needed to have an effective sort out.

Decide what area you want to sort out

Before you do anything, you need to decide what you want to sort out. Be realistic here, don’t decide you are going to sort out your whole house in one day. Instead maybe pick one room, or if you only have a small amount of time available then maybe choose one cupboard, for example.

Remove everything

If you have decided to focus on one area, such as your desk, take everything out of it (or do one drawer at a time if that feels more manageable). Put everything somewhere nearby where you have room to make four different piles later on. If you are focusing on a larger area, such as a room, then do one smaller area at a time so you don’t end up sitting in a massive heap of stuff.

Clean the area you are sorting out

Now you have emptied everything, this is a good time to clean the area. For example wiping or hoovering drawers. You may also want to clean under furniture now that it will weigh less. By doing this now, if you wipe the area and it gets a bit damp, it will have time to air before you start putting things back.

Make four piles

Now, return to your pile of stuff and make four piles. You need a pile to keep in the area you are sorting out, a pile to keep elsewhere, a pile to donate, and a pile to get rid of. Pick up each object and decide which pile to put it in. Don’t get distracted here or your clear out will take ages. Only stop to look at each object if it is to decide which pile it belongs in.

Sort out the donation and getting rid of piles

By this point, you are likely to be feeling surrounded by loads of stuff. The best way I have found to deal with this is to immediately throw out everything you are getting rid of. Make sure you separate this into recycling and landfill and then take it straight out to your bins. This will make your area feel less cluttered straight away and will stop you from persuading yourself that you need to keep something that you haven’t used for years.

Next, go through your donation pile and make sure that it is in good enough condition to be sold in a charity shop. If it isn’t then get rid of it. If it is then put it all in a bag or box and take to a charity shop in the next few days, if possible.

Sort out the final two piles

You should now have two piles left, one of things to put back in the area you are sorting out, and one of things to keep that belong elsewhere. Start by putting the things that belong elsewhere in their proper place. Don’t get distracted, just put them there and if you decide that that area also needs a clear out make a note of that but leave it for the time being.

Then return to the area you are sorting out and start putting everything that is left back neatly. If you have a lot of little things to put away, it can be helpful to put them in a box or basket so that they are more contained and stay tidier in the long term. Hopefully you will find that there is more space and everything feels less cluttered.

Clean up

Now that you are done, you might find that you need to do a quick hoover or clean of the area. Do this straight away before you have a chance to get distracted.

Alternatively, if you are moving on to sorting out another area of the same room then you might want to wait until that is done and then hoover everything all in one go.


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