How to prepare for the start of term

how-to-prepare-for-the-start-of-term-fEven if it seems tempting to launch into a new term with no preparation so that you can make the most of the holidays this might not be a good idea. By doing this you are likely to feel unprepared and behind before the new term has even got started. However, by doing a few simple things a week or so before you start a new term you will feel more prepared and organised. This article is specifically written for starting term again after the summer, although it could be used after any holiday. In addition to reading this post, I would also suggest reading my post on what to do at the end of term which is similar.

Make sure you have everything you need

Even if this seems obvious, spend a bit of time checking that you have all the resources and materials you need before the start of term. If you have read my article about what to do at the end of term then you may have written a list of these things so use this. Do you have a suitable bag, a water bottle, folders, paper, a pencil case with everything you need in it? In addition to basic things like this do you need to get any subject specific things, such as art materials, a scientific calculator, or any books? If you won’t be provided with a diary/ planner then make sure that you get one. If you wear uniform then check that everything fits and is in good condition in plenty of time in case you need to get anything else.

Make sure your desk area is tidy

If your desk/ study area has got messy over the holiday, make sure you tidy it up before the start of term. I have written an article on how to have a sort out which might be useful here. Basically you need to make sure you will have enough space to study and spread any books and folders etc. out. You may also want to have a pen pot and some stationary on/ in your desk, or you may prefer just to use your pencil case.

Check you have done homework and revision

If you had to do any homework or revision over the holiday then make sure that you have done this in plenty of time. Don’t think you will leave it all until the last day of the holiday because that might not work and it is nice to know that it is done and you don’t need to think about it any more. If you are revising, don’t revise all day every day as that won’t be very enjoyable. Instead focus on a few key areas and revise for short amounts of time.

Review the previous term

Spend a bit of time thinking back over the previous term and what went well and what didn’t go so well. Were you organised about handing homework in on time? If you had exams did you start revising early enough? Did you use suitable revision techniques? Thinking about questions like these now will allow you to put any changes you need to make in place so that your next term can be even better. Make a note of what went well the previous term and any changes you want to make. Put this list somewhere where you can see it, such as a noticeboard, and read it regularly and try to follow what you have written.


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