Uses for post-it notes

uses-for-post-it-notes-fPost-it notes are really useful for a lot of different things, and they come in a lot of different designs which is quite exciting. As they are my favourite type of stationary (as you can tell from the picture above, I have rather a lot of them), I thought I would dedicate a blog post to their many uses.

Adding extra bits into notes

I like to use post-it notes for adding stuff into my notes after I have written them. By doing this you can add extra information in without your notes looking really messy as you can just stick the post-it note with the relevant information and then just lift it up when you need to see the information underneath. This is useful if you have already written up your notes and then read something else that you need to add in.

Page markers

You can either use specific page markers for this or just cut up larger post-its and use them as little bookmarks. I find this useful when I have an essay to write that has information from a lot of different places as I can easily mark the pages I need which speeds up the process of finding the information again in the future. It is better to use post-it notes for this rather than bookmarks as they are smaller and also less likely to fall out when you are flipping through your books or notes.


To keep my university notes organised in arch-lever files I like to use big card dividers to mark each unit and then little post-it notes to mark each chapter. I tend to use the little yellow ones for this and write the topic of the chapter on them. This means that I can quickly and easily find information again in my folders as it is clearly divided up.

To-do lists

While my main to-do list is normally written on a piece of list paper, post-it notes can be useful for smaller to-do lists. I generally do this if I have a lot of little tasks that I am planning to do it one go, such as admin jobs. I just write them all on the post-it note and put it on my desk and cross everything off as I complete things.

Essay planning

When I am planning a course-work style essay I like to write an overview of each paragraph on a separate post-it note and then shuffle them around until they are in a sensible order. The benefit of using post-it notes for this is that you can move them around endlessly until they are in an order you are happy with. Once you are done you can stick them onto some paper and keep them as an essay plan.

Writing quick ideas down

Sometimes, when I am studying, particularly when I am writing an assignment, I have a good idea of how to write something or how to explain my argument. To stop me from forgetting this before I get to the part where it needs to be added in, I like to write it down on a post-it note quickly. If I need to remember it beyond the particular study session I am in, I just stick it with the relevant information in my folder and get rid of it when I no longer need it.


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