How to organise your emails more effectively

How to organise emails 2

how-to-organise-your-emails-fDoes it take you ages to find an important email from a few weeks ago under a pile of unopened emails? Having an organised email system can really help to improve your general organisation and makes it easier to find the right information quickly and easily when you need it. Here, I will give you five easy ways to help you to have a more organised email system and keep your inbox empty.

Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

We all get annoying junk emails that we delete straight away without ever opening them. These often come from companies we once ordered something from but don’t really need to hear about every time they have a sale or offer. The best thing I have found to do with these emails is to unsubscribe from them (there is often a link at the bottom of the email to do this) and then delete them. You sometimes receive a few more emails from them while they process your request to unsubscribe from them, but then you shouldn’t ever receive emails from them again.

Another thing you can do is to not subscribe to these emails in the first place. When you order something online there is often a box to tick to say if you want to receive further emails from them. If you make sure you don’t tick this box then you should only receive emails about your specific order.

Have different email folders

By creating different folders for different areas of your life, you can sort incoming emails into these folders, enabling you to find them again in the future. The categories you choose are up to you, I personally like to have a category for each area of my life, and then an ‘other’ folder where things like confirmation emails from online purchases go.

Have a to-do folder

While I generally try to respond to all emails that need a reply immediately, this isn’t always possible. To solve this problem and to stop these emails sitting around in my inbox, in addition to the folders discussed above I have a ‘to-do’ folder. The best thing I have found to do with this folder is, each time I put an email into it, to plan a specific time in which I am going to deal with it so that it doesn’t get forgotten.

Delete emails often

To save your email storage from becoming full, try to regularly delete emails. Either delete them immediately if you don’t need them or go through each folder and delete all the unneeded emails from there. For example, I keep emails with race confirmation details in a ‘running’ folder. Then, when I have done the race I go into that folder and delete all the emails about that race. The same goes for ordering clothes etc. online – once it has arrived and you have decided that you want to keep it, delete the emails about it. By doing this regularly, you won’t end up with an unmanageable amount of emails or having important emails bounce back because your storage is full.

It is also important to remember to delete your email trash regularly to stop this folder from filling up your storage.

Check your emails often

I wouldn’t recommend having your emails open all the time but I would recommend checking them several times a day. When I am at home I try to check mine every hour or every two hours. This way you are able to respond to incoming emails quickly which is always nice for the sender. Also, by doing this, you are unlikely to have loads of emails in your inbox, which makes it easier to sort them into different folders and empty your inbox. That said, some people like to check their emails once a day, so if that works for you then do that instead.

Leave me a comment to let me know if you have found these tips helpful 🙂

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