Five simple ways to be more organised straight away

Do you always seem to be behind and end up rushing through tasks at the past minute? Or do you always forget where you are meant to be at what time? If that sounds like you then carrying on reading… this post will give you five simple way to become one of those super organised people who always seems to be on top of everything.

Get (and use) a diary

Diaries are great, they allow you to easily keep track of everything you need to do in one place. With a well-managed diary you can be that efficient person who can quickly say what they are doing when – without having to endlessly rummage around for different scraps of paper. And they eliminate the worry of forgetting about an important event. That said, even the fanciest diary is no use if you don’t actually use it. So, take your diary with you each time you go out, and every time you book an appointment make sure you write it down straight away so you can’t forget it.

Use to-do lists

I’m a big fan of to-do lists. They help me to keep track of what I need to do and ensure that nothing gets forgotten. You can make to-do lists for a whole host of different things; things to do today, things to this month, things to do to finish this assignment. All you need to do is write everything down and make a start on actually doing the things on the list. This is far better than feeling pleased with yourself for writing a list and then rewarding yourself with a break and getting distracted from actually doing anything. That way you get the satisfaction of crossing everything off and THEN rewarding yourself.

Make a weekly plan

Similar to a to-do list, a weekly plan allows you to see what needs to be done that week. I personally love the Paperchase desk pads and tend to choose one with a space for each day and a space for notes. Over the past few years I have developed an effective system for using these. Explaining this is a big topic but basically you need to write on it all the things that are happening that week at a set time. Next you need to think about what else you need to achieve each day and write that down. I then normally write a few goals for the week in the notes section. By doing this when you sit down at your desk each morning you can see exactly what need to be done that day.

Organise your emails

Having an effective system for dealing with emails really helps with feeling organised and in control of everything. And it is super satisfying to open your emails and see that your inbox is empty. I like to create different folders in my email account for different areas of my life, such as work, music, and running. That way as soon as I have dealt with an email it can go straight into the relevant folder so I can find it quickly and easily in the future. Deleting irrelevant emails straight away so they don’t clutter up your inbox is also helpful (and your email storage will be grateful).

Tidy up every day

No matter how organised you are, you will never FEEL organised and in control of everything if your environment is really messy and it takes you ages to find anything. To solve this I like to make sure that my desk is left tidy every evening so that I can sit down in the morning without feeling like I am drowning in piles of papers and books. It doesn’t need to take long, just five minutes an evening is plenty. Also, if you tidy up from one activity before moving on to the next thing your life will be even easier.

Leave a comment to let me know which of these steps you will be implementing into your life 🙂

Ellen Allsop

Hello! I'm Ellen Allsop, the creator of EAsy :)

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  1. Connie says:

    Excellent first blog I am certainly going to try this

    • Ellen Allsop says:

      Hello Connie,
      Thank you, I’m glad you like it 🙂
      If you want to have more organisation/ study advice like this and from other websites please follow me on the social media accounts linked at the top right. Also feel free to share this post with anyone who you think would benefit from it 🙂

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