Five minute revision ideas

five-minute-revision-ideas-fSometimes, there just isn’t time to do hours and hours of revision so you need some quick ideas that you can use. Instead of just reading a textbook or your notes for five minutes, here are five fun and interactive activities you could use instead. These ideas can all take five minutes (or less, or more) so you can still fit revision into your day even when you are really busy. Or, you might want to use these ideas in the holiday when you are having a break from school work but feel like you need to do a little bit of revision so you don’t forget everything.

Use flash cards

If you have already made flash cards then these can be used in spare moments to remind yourself of key ideas and concepts. You can also test yourself using them. For example, look at the title of the card and try to remember all the information on it and then check how well you did.

Alternatively, if you haven’t already made flash cards then you could make a few in the space of five minutes. If you did this regularly you would soon have a set of flash cards for one module or unit.

Use a glossary

If you are doing a subject with a lot of key words and you have a glossary, then you can test yourself on some definitions in five minutes. Cover up the definitions and try to remember the definition from looking at the key word. Or you could do the opposite and cover up the key words and try and remember them from their definition. If you know that you struggle to remember some definitions more than others, then focus on these.

A similar technique could be used for learning vocabulary or equations etc.

Bullet point exam questions

If you have past papers available, then spend five minutes bullet pointing the answers to some questions. You might want to focus on the questions you think you would find the hardest. Just bullet point the main things you would say in answer to that question, along with any evidence etc. you think is relevant. If you have time then try and check this against the mark scheme to see if you are along the right lines.

Alternatively, you could have several bursts of doing this and work your way through a whole paper or set of questions and then check them all in one go.

If you don’t have past papers available, then you could instead make up questions, such as essays if you know the style they are in and list what you would write in answer to that question.

Get someone to test you

If you have someone around who is willing to help then ask them to test you for five minutes. Give them your textbook, notes or flash cards and ask them to make up questions based on the information you have given them.

Or, if they don’t know anything about the subject, spend a few minutes trying to teach them about a particular concept or theory. This is effective because it forces you to understand the topic really well in order to explain it in a simple way. Get them to ask you questions to clarify anything they don’t understand.

Write down everything you know about a topic

If you don’t have someone who can test you, then test yourself. Decide on a particular topic and write down everything you can remember about it. This could be as a brainstorm, list, or diagram depending on what works best for you/ the type of information. You might find it helpful to set a timer for say, three minutes and then spend the last two minutes checking what you have written and then making a note of what you need to revise again.

Draw a cartoon of something

If you need to learn a series of events, for example for history then make a cartoon of this. It doesn’t need to be artistic, just use stick people if you want. You can either do this from memory and then check it, or using a textbook/ your notes. This forces you to pick out the key events and drawing pictures should make it easier to remember.


Leave a comment to let me know which of these techniques you will be trying out 🙂

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