What to do at the end of term

what-to-do-at-the-end-of-term-fEven if it seems tempting to dump your bag on the floor at the end of term and leave it there until the day before term starts again, that may not be the best option. Instead, here are five easy things your can do to have a less stressful start to your next term. This post is specifically written for using at the end of the summer term, however it could be used at the end of any term.

Empty your locker

If you have a locker or another storage area in your school or university, try to empty it at the end of term. Your school might request that you do this. Even if they don’t, starting term with an empty locker will be better than one that is full of stuff you no longer need. Also, by doing this, you won’t end up accidentally leaving anything at school that you would need over the summer.

Unpack and clean your bag

You might be tempted to leave your messy school bag untouched all summer but instead spending a bit of time tidying it up is a good idea. I would suggest emptying everything out of it and giving the bag a wash if you plan on using the same one next year (providing it is washable). I would then go through everything in it and sort it out. Get rid of anything you don’t need and put everything you do need somewhere sensible where you will be able to find it easily. Alternatively, if you won’t be using the bag over the summer just put everything you need to keep back in it once it has been washed.

In addition to doing this, I would also suggest doing a similar thing with your pencil case. Empty it all out, clean it, get rid of anything that is broken, sharpen your pencils and then put it all back. While you are doing this check you have everything you need in there. If you don’t, make a note of it for the next step.

Write a list of anything you need to get

Now is a good time to write down anything you know you need to get before the start of term so you have plenty of time to get it. This could be stationary supplies that you know you have run out of. It could also be any uniform you have outgrown/ worn out if you wear uniform. By writing a list now you will avoid having to get everything in a rush at the end of the holiday.

Tidy your desk

If your desk/ study area gets messy during term time, tidying it now will ensure that you don’t have to be looking at a messy desk all holiday. Spend a bit of time putting everything back where it belongs and making sure that it looks tidy and organised. If you like to keep old textbooks and your notes, try to find somewhere that isn’t on your desk to keep them. Next term you are likely to have a new set of textbooks and notes to store so having two sets could get quite cluttered. See if you can store them somewhere else, for example under your bed, in a cupboard, or in an attic. While you are doing this, try to at least vaguely organise your notes. This way, if you need to refer to them in the future you won’t waste time trying to find the relevant information.

Plan any homework etc.

If you have been given homework to do over the summer make a rough plan of when you are going to do it. Unless you are away all the rest of the time, try to avoid leaving it until the last minute. If you do leave it until the last minute it is likely to be more stressful and if it takes longer than expected you might not be able to finish it. I’m not suggesting that you plan specific days for it, but having a rough idea of the stages needed to complete the task and thinking about which weeks you might have more time for it is a good idea. It might be sensible to put a note reminding you about the homework somewhere that you will see it often so you don’t forget about it.

In addition to this, if the information you have learnt in one year will be tested the year after, doing a bit of revision over the summer might be useful. You don’t need to revise every day but it might be sensible to think about when you will have a bit more time and plan to do some revision then. This doesn’t need to be a lot of revision, just reading over some revision cards of key points every now and again should be enough to ensure you don’t forget everything.

Leave me a comment to let me know what you normally do at the end of term and if you found this article helpful 🙂

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