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Like the quizzes we talked about last week, teaching someone else is a good way to revise if you don’t want to always be revising on your own. Not only is it more interesting to revise with other people sometimes, but teaching other people can be a good way to consolidate the information you have learnt.

Why is teaching someone useful for revision?

Apart from the fact that it can be more interesting to revise with other people sometimes, there are some other reasons why it is helpful to teach someone else. One of these is that by teaching someone else you need to have a good level of understanding of what you are teaching in order to explain it well (this is particularly the case if you are teaching someone who doesn’t study the subject you are teaching them), and you will consolidate your knowledge of the topic by doing this. In addition, if the person you are teaching asks lots of questions then you will need to be able to understand it well enough to answer these. Basically, teaching someone is useful because it helps you to understand the information better.

What sort of information is good for this and how should you teach them?

Any sort of information can be used to teach someone with (after all you will have been taught somehow…)! For example you could teach someone a theory in psychology or science, about a particular battle in history, about a case study in geography, or about a particular theme in English Literature.

Before you start teaching someone, get a cup of tea each and some biscuits (not essential but will make it more relaxed…)! There is no right or wrong way about how to teach someone, but you should try to do it in a way that covers lots of relevant content but still allows them to ask any questions they have. For example, if you were having a study session with a friend you could set a timer for five minutes and try to explain a particular theory etc. in that time and then have your friend ask questions to clarify anything they are unclear about. You could just tell them about it or you could also draw diagrams/ pictures/ timelines if this is relevant. Try to include lots of detail such as examples and dates/ key people as this will help you remember it better. (Imagine you are teaching them so they can take the exam as well…) You could then swap and get them to teach you something.

The advantage of teaching someone who doesn’t also study that subject is that you will be forced to explain it in more detail than you would if they already knew what you are teaching them. It does mean though that you need to have a good enough understanding of the topic to make sure you actually explain it correctly because otherwise there isn’t a lot of point in doing this… (for this reason it might be best to do this once you have already done some revision and feel fairly confident in your knowledge).


I hope you have found this post helpful – leave a comment to let me know if you ever use teaching someone as a way to revise 🙂

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