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Sometimes it is nice to revise in a way that is different to how you normally revise. Using the internet can be a good way to revise (although revising using other methods is also advisable as websites are unlikely to cover all the information you need…). There are lots of different websites aimed at helping you with revision so here I have complied a list with some of them along with a brief description of how they work etc.. They can all be used for free, although some of them may require you to create an account and may have the option to pay for access to more resources etc..

Spark notes


Spark notes is a good website for any of you studying English Literature/ GCSE English to use. It basically has information about lots of different books that you might be studying (I used it for ‘Of Mice and Men’ at GCSE). For each book it provides a summary of each chapter, information about the main characters, the key themes and the context it was written in etc.. It also has quizzes to test your knowledge about the book.

Spark notes also appears to have some non-book related information about other completely different topics, for example I found information on cell structure under the biology section. Click on ‘more’ on the main menu to see a list of subjects they cover.

BBC Bitesize


BBC Bitesize is quite a commonly used revision website and goes up to GCSE level. You can select what subject you are studying and then choose topics within that. The explanations of particular topics include definitions of key words, tests, as well as suggestions for how to revise a particular area.



S-cool is a website which can be used for GCSE and A Level revision. It has information on a wide range of topics as well as exam style questions (although these aren’t specific to a particular exam board and so using past papers would be a good idea as well) with a rough marking guide as well as multiple choice questions (which require you to create a free account to use). For each topic it also provides a very brief summary.

In addition, this website has forums you can use to ask questions. You can also create a revision timetable on this website if you create a free account.

The Student Room


The Student Room is a website which is full of different things (most of which require you to create an account to access). There are revision resources such as flash cards and mindmaps for lots of different topics, as well as lots of revision advice etc.. There are also a lot of different forums about revision and anything else school/ university related.



If you are someone who has a lot of key words to learn then Quizlet might be a good website for you to try. You can create different sets of ‘flash’ cards and either provide your own definition or choose from one of the ones suggested. You can then test yourself in a variety of ways, including a couple of games. One feature I particularly like about Quizlet is that it remembers which key words you have got wrong in the past which would be helpful if you had a large quantity to learn.

Although I haven’t tried it, it also seems to be an app which would be helpful if you like to revise when you aren’t at home/ near a computer.

Revision world


Revision world is a website that requires you to create an account to use most of the resources on it. There are resources for GCSE and A Level with each section having summaries of the key information with questions to test your understanding as you go which is helpful. It also provides links to the websites where you can download past papers which is very useful.

I’ve not tried it but there also seems to be a section where you can create a revision timetable as well as forums to ask questions on.


I hope you have found these websites helpful – leave a comment with links to any other websites you like to use for revision 🙂

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