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Making revision more fun is one way to stay motivated to study and to make sure that you enjoy what you are learning. Using quizzes can help to achieve this and they can also allow you to revise with a friend which will break the feeling that you are always revising by yourself.

Why use quizzes for revision?

As mentioned above quizzes are using when revising for multiple reasons, they allow you to revise with a friend, who doesn’t need to be studying that subject which can be helpful. They can also just make revision a bit more interesting which is always helpful as it can get quite boring using the same revision techniques all the time. Additionally they also provide you with a useful way to test your knowledge and see what areas you need to revise more.

What types of information are they good for?

Quizzes can be used with nearly any type of information. For example, you could use them to learn key words, remember dates in history, quotes in English, or key theories in psychology, sociology, philosophy etc.. Basically any type of information that can be broken down into specific pieces of information can be used.

How to use quizzes for revision

Once you have decided on a topic for your quiz you will need to actually make the quiz (which will force you to think about the information you are learning which should help you to remember it). Start by thinking of questions (ones that have a specific, fairly short answer are best as they will allow other people to test you – and you want to avoid making it into a quiz of reciting essays…). Things like ‘what year did the Spanish Armada happen?’, ‘what are the key words associated with Bowlby’s theory of attachment?’, ‘what is the definition of globalisation?’ are good. You could write a whole series of related questions on a page and then put the answers on the back or you could write one question on a flash card and then write the answer on the back (I would recommend this way for reasons I will explain in a moment…). You could either choose to have just one answer or make it into a multiple choice quiz and have a range of answers you need to choose from.

Making quizzes can be done as you cover material as this will not only help you to consolidate the information but will also prevent you having to make a load of quiz questions in a rush a few weeks before your exam. However, the actual testing part is best done when you have revised the information a bit as there isn’t a lot of point quizzes if you don’t know any of the answers as this time is best spent learning the information and you are just likely to feel defeated if you don’t get many answers right!

When you are revising you can either test yourself or get someone else to test you and see how many correct answers you get. Develop a system for putting the questions you got right in one place and the ones you got wrong elsewhere (this is why I would recommend having one question per flash card). By doing this you can test yourself more often on the ones you find hardest and will know what areas you need to revise more in others ways.


I hope you have found this post useful – leave a comment to let me know if quizzes are something you have used for revision before or if they are something you might try now 🙂

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