How is a diary different from a weekly plan?

how-is-a-diary-different-from-a-weekly-planDiaries and weekly plans are two different things I like to use to stay organised. They are both useful for keeping track of what needs to be done when but have different purposes. Here I will discuss the differences between these two things and how you can use them together.

Level of detail

In general I have more detail written on my weekly plan than in my diary. In my diary I just have specific appointments like work and tutorials etc. and also things like university deadlines which I need to remember. On my weekly plan I have these things, which I copy from my diary, and also more detail about what else I want to achieve each day. For example I will write down what bits of studying I want to achieve each day and anything else I need to get done.

Where they live

I like to keep my weekly plan on my desk where I can see it every time I sit at my desk which means that I remember what I need to do. On the other hand, being smaller, I take my diary everywhere with me so that I can check it if I need to. When I’m not out I keep my diary in my desk. This means that I always know where it is so I don’t loose it and not know what I’m doing.

When you write in them

I like to write a weekly plan every week on a Sunday evening. This means that when the week starts I know what I should be doing each day, which keeps me on track with achieving everything I need to for the week. With my diary I just write things in as they come up however far ahead they are. This means that when I come to writing my weekly plan each week I can see what appointments I have that week and know that nothing will be forgotten.


I hope you liked this post – leave a comment to let me know if it has helped you to use a diary and weekly plan more effectively together 🙂

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