How to choose a diary

how-to-choose-a-diary-fChoosing a new diary is always quite exciting but with so much choice available it can be difficult to choose the right one. Since diaries are really important for staying organised, it is important to choose a good one. Schools often provide a diary or planner but if you need to choose one yourself then hopefully this blog post will help you with that.

Decide which year you want

In general diaries either last from January to December or for an academic year. It is important to choose which of these two years is best for you. Because I’m a student I prefer an academic year diary so I can put all my tutorials and deadlines in it straight away. Although, if you aren’t tied to an academic year then a calendar year format might be better. If you want a different year, then Personal Planner (the link is below) can make a personalised one for any set of twelve months you want.

Choose a size

Diaries come in all sorts of sizes so it is worth considering what size you want. If you are going to be taking it everywhere with you then you might want a smaller one that can easily fit in your bag. That said, you don’t want it to be so small that you can’t write everything in it.

Decide on a layout

There is a great variety of layouts in diaries, some have a week per page and some have a day per page. You will need to decide which of these is best for you. I personally like to have a week per double page so that I can see the whole week in one go. However, if you have a lot to write in your diary or like to include to-do lists etc. on each day then you might prefer a day per page layout.

Decide if you want any extra features

In addition to having a basic diary, many diaries come with extra features which you may want. For example having notes pages at the back can often be useful. I also like to have a yearly overview section so I can write down all my university deadlines and see how spread out they are. You may also want to have a little pocket to put loose pieces of paper in. I find this useful because I have a policy of not having any loose paper in my diary that might fall out and get lost. You can also get diaries with address book sections which you might find useful. Personal Planner do a whole range of different pages and extra features which you can choose from.

Choose a cover

Now, obviously the actual contents of a diary is the most important part but if you are going to be using it a lot you will want it to look nice as well. There are many different designs available, some of which are quite plain and some which are more decorative. One of the things I like about Personal Planner is that you can either choose from their wide range of designs or upload your own photos which is quite exciting. You may also want to consider what the cover is made from and ensure that it will be hard wearing and last a whole year.


Leave me a comment to let me know if you found this post helpful and also to tell me what you normally look for in a diary 🙂

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